Transverse dislocations

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“I conceive these transverse dislocations to pervade all the great ridges and valleys of our Appalachian region,” he wrote, “and to be a primary cause of most, if not all, of those deep notches which are known by the name of Water Gaps, and which cleave so many of our high mountain ridges to their very bases.” There were some thin green beds among the Bloomsburg reds. Anita said they were the Kupferschiefer greens that had given false hope to the Dutch. Whatever else there might be in the Bloomsburg Delta, there was not a great deal of copper. In the eighteen-forties, the mines of the Minisink were started up anew. They bankrupted out in a season. The Reverend F. F. Ellinwood delivered the “Dedication Sermon” in the Church of the Mountain, village of Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, August 29, i854, a year that Ellinwood placed in the sixth millennium after Creation. “The rude blasts of six thousand winters have co-working space rotterdam howled in undaunted wildness over the consecrated spot, while yet its predicted destiny was not fulfilled,” he told the congregation. “But here, at length, stands, in very deed the church firmly built upon the rock, and it is our hope and prayer that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it …. For many centuries past, has Jehovah dwelt in the rocky fastnesses of this mountain. Ere there was a human ear to listen, His voice was uttered here in the sighing of the breeze and the thunder of the storms, which even then were wont to writhe in the close grapple of this narrow gorge. Ere one human footstep had invaded the wildness of the place, or the hand of art had applied the d1ill and blast to the silent rock, God’s hand was working here alone-delving out its deep, rugged pathway for yonder river, and clothing those gigantic bluffs and terraces with undying verdure, and the far gleaming b1ightness of their laurel bloom.” The hand of art, that very summer, was blasting the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad into the silent rock. Stagecoaches would soon leave the scene. A pathway by the river was replaced with rails. The co-working space amsterdam sycamores that shaded it were felled. A telegraph wire was strung through the gap. Given a choice between utility and grandeur, people apparently wanted to have it both ways. Trains would travel in one direction carrying aristocrats and in the other carrying coal.