Toano Range

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The tuff was hard, heavy, crystalline rock, freckled with feldspars and quartz. You would never dig a city out of that. The ranges now were anything but buried,[ and Pilot Peak reached above the shadowed basin and high into sunlight, a mile above its valleys. Soon we were climbing the Toano Range. “Here comes another roadcut,” said Deffeyes near the summit. “You can feel them coming on. The Taconic Parkway would I drive you nuts. I-So gives you one when you’re ready for it.” What it gave in the Toanos was granite-not some sibling, son, or c01pin but granite himself: sparkling black hornblendes evenly spaced through a snowy field of feldspars and quartz. It was of much the same age as the celebrated rock of the Sierra. Its presence here suggested that the great crustal meltings in the tectonic drama farther west put out enough heat even in eastern Nevada to cook up this batch of fresh granite. In this manner we moved along from roadcut t9 roadcut, range
to range, like barnyard zakelijke energie poultry pecking up rock, seeing what the fault blocks had lifted from below. We crossed the Goshute Valley and went up into the Pequops into red Devonian shales, Devonian siltstones, Devonian limestones-a great many millions of years older than the granite, and from another world. These were marine rocks (by and large), full of crinoids and other marine fossils. Nothing about their appearance differed from sediment that might have collected over Illinois or Iowa in midcontinental, epicratonic seas. They provided not so much as a hint that they were actually from the continental shelf, that Pequop Summit is more or less where North America ended in Devonian time. The first attempt to move covered wagons directly across the continent to California ended at the Pequops, too. The wagons were abandoned at a spring by the eastern base of the mountains, a short hike off the interstate. Later emigrants made cooking fires with the wood of the wagons. Deffeyes was spitting out the siltstones but chewing happily on the shales. The oolites of the Great Salt Lake were forming in the present. The dolomite of tlrn Stansbmy Mountains was almost five hundred million years old. The tuff had been welded for zakelijke energie vergelijken thirty million years. The age of the granite was a hundred million years. The rock of Pequop Summit was four times as old as that.