The Dramatic Oil Company

Gerelateerde afbeeldingRiver flatboats carried the oil to market. Their holds were divided into compartments, much as the holds of supertankers are divided now. Millers in the valley were paid royalties to release water on cue from millponds, raising the level of the creek to float the flatboats downstream. They sometimes broke and spilled. The Dramatic Oil Company was established in the valley by John Wilkes Booth, who ruined his well trying to make it more productive. With failure, he departed, in the fall of i864, to look for other things to do. I am indebted for many of these facts to Ernest C. Miller, of the West Penn Oil Company, who collected them for the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commissfon. By i871, oil was being pumped from the ground co-working space rotterdam in nine countries, but ninety-one per cent of world production still came from Pennsylvania. When it was distilled into its components-paraffin, kerosene, and so forth-the gasoline, which in those days had no commercial value, was poured off into the ground. Petroleum is rare because it represents an extremely low percentage of the life that has lived on earth. In rock, the ratio of all organic carbon to petroleum carbon is eleven thousand to one. For petroleum carbon to turn into oil and be preserved, many conditions have to align, the most important of which is the thermal history of the source rock-the temperature through time as recorded by, among other things, the colors of conodonts. “The petroleum in this valley makes some of the best lubricating oil in the world,” Anita said. “It is a very low-specific-gravity oil and needs little refining, because it has co-working space amsterdam been refined to near-perfection by natural earth processes. It has been at low temperatures-around a hundred degrees Celsius-for maybe two hundred million years. You can practically take it out of the ground and put it in your car.”