Gerelateerde afbeelding

The Berkeley calculations suggested an asteroid about six miles in diameter hitting the earth with a punch of a hundred million megatons, making a crater a hundred miles wide. Such an occurrence-which could repeat itself tomorrow afternoon, there being several hundred big asteroids out there in threatening orbits -would have sent up a mushroom cloud containing some thirty thousand cubic kilometres of pulverized asteroid and terrestrial crust, part of which would have gone into the stratosphere and spread quickly over the earth, keeping sunlight off the lands and seas and suppressing photosynthesis. A decade after the publication of zakelijke energie the Berkeley hypothesis, Chicxulub Crater was discovered, buried five hundred metres under Yucatan. Evidently made by an Apollo Object, it is a hundred and ten miles wide. On August 26 and 27, i883, when the island Krakatoa, in the Sunda Strait, exploded with great violence, it sent less than twenty cubic kilometres of material into the air, but within a few days dust had spread above the whole earth, turning daylight into dusk. It made exceptionally brilliant sunsets for two and a half years. Edmund Halley, who died when James Hutton was fifteen, once wrote a paper suggesting that the way God started Noah’s Flood was by directing a big comet into collision with the earth. The Cretaceous Extinction, whatever its cause, was one of the two most awesome annihilations of life in the history of the world. With the Permian Extinction before it, it framed the Mesozoic, an era of burgeoning creation within deadly brackets of time. For establishing our bearings through time, we obviously owe an incalculable debt to vanished and endangered species, and if the condor, the kit fox, the human being, the black-footed ferret, and the three-toed sloth are at the head of the line to go next, there is less cause for dismay than forĀ zakelijke energie vergelijken placid acceptance of the march of prodigious tradition. The opossum may be Cretaceous, certain clams Devonian, and oysters Triassic, but for each and every oyster in the sea, it seems, there is a species gone forever. Be a possum is the message, and you may outlive God.